Kim Kardashian Sues MediaTakeOut For Libel

After the news of the lawsuit hit the media MTO founder, Mwangaguhunga, sat down with Chole Melas from CNNMoney to discuss the articles and as a source how they will be moving forward.

A New ‘Wave’ Form in Digital Journalism

The field of Multimedia Journalism is becoming more and more important as new digital innovations become popular. Millennials have found themselves in what can be considered a dream come true.

Solange Knowles and her new album

Cady Lang gives readers a refresher on an interview that was done on Solange’s website, Saint Heron. In this interview, Solange and her mother sit down discussion the youngest Knowles latest project.

Chapter 7 Assignment

Blog Review My blog, Movers&Shakers, is a blog geared towards young ambition. When looking for blogs to review, I looked for ones with a similar focus. In my research, I came across Her Agenda,Under 30 Ceo,Young Upstarts, and Miss Millennia Mag . All of these sites focus on the Millennial and providing advice significant to…

Dreadlock Ban

In the appeal case by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against Catastrophe Management Solutions, the courts ruled that it is now legal to discriminate dreadlocks during the hiring process.

Collaborative Expressions

Invade is a group of millennials that devote everything they do with “the hope and intent to connect people with their Creator, which will, in turn, reveal their identity and purpose.” In order to help others make this connect they use two different types of events, community outreach, and large gatherings.  Their latest and most anticipated engagement…