Merchandising INC

Merchandising Inc is an organization at the University of North Texas dedicated to the students interested in fashion and merchandising. The organization started back in 1988, with Paige Wallace founder of Merch Inc.  Wallace was a full-time student majoring in Human Resource Management and a part time model. During her work as a model, she met tons of professionals in the fashion industry. With the idea to connect student who had a love for fashion with professionals in the industry, she created Merch Inc.

Since the start of Merch Inc. in 1988, the organization has continued to grow. Starting from its networking roots Merch Inc now has an online website called NuView and social events for students to network with their peers. What has to possibly be the biggest thing that Merch Inc is known for is their fashion shows. This organization hosts two of the biggest fashion shows on UNT’s campus in the Spring and Fall. Don’t believe me ? Check out the recap from their fashion show with Mahari Takai, a local Dallas-Fort Worth designer.

Merch Inc was built on the grounds of seeing a goal and going for it. Since their launch they consistently surpass every goal set for themselves. Being a part of an organization like this not only prepares you for the industry but expands your perspective. The members of this organization are tested to reach higher, run fast and push boundaries. Members have said that “joining Merch Inc was the best decision for me, I have been able to meet people that I otherwise never would have met.

Along with fashion, Merch Inc makes giving back a priority. “Merchandising Inc. believes it’s important that our members give back to the community. We volunteer for a multitude of other organizations and businesses in ordered to help our members become well-rounded individuals who not only seek reward personally but find the gift in helping others.” 

In this game called life we are all a team and Merch Inc lives by it. Every semester the organization raises money to go to their members in the form of a scholarship.“These scholarships enable our members to further their education and experience by financially supporting study tours and their education.”

Merchandising Inc, you’ll come to learn about fashion but leave with so much more.

Photo Courtesy of Merchandising Inc.

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