Kanye West Is Hospitalized for ‘Psychiatric Emergency’

Week 13 News Journal

Kanye West Is Hospitalized for ‘Psychiatric Emergency’ Hours After Canceling Tour

Photo via The Source

By JOE COSCARELLI NOV. 21, 2016 The New York Times

Kanye West has been known to shock everyone with either is unfiltered opinions or his creative mind. The world never knows what to expect from Kanye West. However, for awhile people have had the concern for Mr.West and his mental health. While the rapper has always stayed true his opinions and views of the World around him, it wasn’t until the Taylor Swift fiasco in 2009 that his actions appeared more aggressive. After canceling his Life of Pablo tour, West was hospitalized for a Psychiatric emergency. Joe Cascarelli wrote this article very well by mentioning the statements of those closest to Kanye. Allowing for the reader to see the support for West as well as mentioning possible effects of his hospitalization. Coscarelli states when the call happened, where West was hospitalized and other facts of West’s hospitalization.

Woman Faked Pregnancy, Killed a Mother and Kidnapped Her Newborn Baby, Police Say

Kate Samuelson  Nov. 22, 2016, TIME

Yesenia Sesmas, is believed to have murdered Laura Abarca in Wichita before kidnapping her newborn baby and returning to Dallas Texas. Sesmas had been faking her own pregnancy before going to visit Abarca. After she returned back to Dallas the authorities were already looking for Sesmas. The baby is now back her family. Kate Samuelson does a great job of informing the readers with the facts. The article starts off setting the scene of the situation. There may be questions raised from the article, however, Samuelson only gave the information she had. This article was informative and straight to the point.

In the Face of Violence, Standing Rock’s Water Protectors Continue Peaceful Resistance


In Cannon Ball, North Dakota is the site of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Over the last several months, Indigenous peoples and allies from all over the country have been protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline. Photos began to surface to social media and different news outlets of water cannons, tear gas, and concussion grenades in below-freezing temperatures being used on the protestors. Leaving 167 people injured. Despite the threats and violent attacks the protestors are still peacefully protesting. In this article, Rebecca Bengal reports what has been happening at the Dakota Access Pipeline. She also gives the reader some context to help they understand the seriousness of these violent measures being used on peaceful protestors by writing about what a day is like at the campground where they are staying. Along with this article is a video of the Dakota Access Pipeline which I think helps to create a more informed reader.


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