Home For The Holidays

How many times have you heard of the cost of ambition? You know the late nights and early mornings. The constant busy schedule and address books full of people you met maybe once. Those with the trait of ambition sacrifice a lot for their need to succeed. What would you sacrifice to achieve your goals?

Before you answer that question, meet Ashley Kumah, a junior at the University of North Texas majoring in Public Relations. Ashley, like the rest of us, isn’t 100% sure as to where she’s headed but she’s leaning towards being a creative director. Now although she is unsure of the exact path she will take in life, one path she knows is not an option is, failure. Ashley Kumah is originally from Hackney, U.K. right outside of London. She moved out of her mother’s house to the New York almost 8 years ago because “people [Americans] would see me as unique. The U.S. gives me a fresh and new cultural perspective from London. It also helped to broaden my horizon in terms of creative ideas.” 

As ambitious people, we often want to succeed more than we want to breathe. However in the work to reaching that goal you do start to miss the things you gave up like friendships and quality time with your family. “The holidays are generally a time for reflection and family. Even though I can’t see my family right away, the holidays not only make me miss them more but it makes me want to work harder so I can afford to get them the things they deserve.”


“I wouldn’t be who I am without making difficult decisions. Sometimes in order to succeed you have to make choices that won’t be easy in the short run but will pay off in the long run.”

Photos Courtesy of Jaida Brinkley


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