Can We Talk About This Misogynistic Headline For A Sec?

Week 12 News Journal

Can We Talk About This Misogynistic Headline For A Sec?


LANDON PEOPLES NOVEMBER 17, 2016 for Refinery 29

Landon Peoples discusses the issue of the way that the media covered the meeting of President Barack Obama and President-Elect Donald Trump in comparison to the meeting their wives had. In the articles discussing the First Lady and future First Lady meeting, the media, primarily fashion outlets focused on what the women were wearing and how their outfits acted as symbolism for their feelings towards the state of America. The articles had nothing to do with what was actually being discussed when the two met. This creates another conversation about feminism. As a fashion outlet, it is expected for them to write about style however with the audience majority women  and this being such a huge political moment, “they were not off the hook.” Rapper Mykki Blanco made a post on social media addressing women all over with the question, “WOMEN are the catalysts for all social change as far as I can see… how is this infiltration of the global boys club gonna happen ?” In order to see a change and more glass ceilings being broken we must change the way women see themselves because if it doesn’t change then as Peoples’ puts it “we’re co-signing a world in which the men will continue to discuss the important issues, while their wives sip tea and talk about clothes.”

Aurora James, Post Election: We Must Seek to Understand Each Other

by Aurora James November 14, 2016  W Magazine

Aurora James is a fashion lover, culture enthusiast, Creative Director and Founder of Brother Vellies. Given her well-rounded perspective, James’ opinion on the state of our nation  and the election outcome is not something unexpected.  This first perspective of the election results gave the reader a feeling of being at the same level as the writer. There was a real conversational feel with this article that felt as though you were walking through the crowd with her up to Trump Tower. She appeals to the female audience of W Magazine and sums up the overall feeling of almost every black woman during the night Donald Trump was elected. This piece was informative but mainly impactful. W Magazine’s decision to run with this story rather than just an article discussing Clinton’s sadness on losing brought the reality of the situation back to the reader. The outcome isn’t about one women’s career or a man’s victory over a woman. It’s about the state of our nation and the division created that Aurora James states could be solved if we “understand each other.”

Veteran Journalist Gwen Ifill Has Died


Elle Magazine pulled this article from Cosmopolitan who pulled the news from Associated Press on the death of Gwen Ifill. The title of the article, “Veteran Journalist Gwen Ifill Has Died” gives the reader an idea of the importance of this woman. However, the article itself lacks information about the life the woman led. It mentions her illness and time of death but does not share the significance of Gwen Ifill in journalism. This is important because as a journalist you may be aware of her significance whereas a reader without prior knowledge of the journalist wouldn’t know who she is. In this case Elle could have taken the news a step further to inform the reader of the history of Ifill.




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