Jay Z, Beyonce headline concert for Clinton

Week 11 News Journal

Jay Z, Beyonce headline concert for Clinton

By Dan Merica, CNN Sat November 5, 2016 (source)

Hillary Clinton pulled out the big guns to get the youth’s vote with her free concert in Cleveland Ohio with superstars Jay-z, Beyonce, Chance the Rapper and Big Sean. During the show, Beyonce gave a message on the importance of voting and how this election season will be creating a piece of history. Dan Merica covers the concert by focusing on what the celebrities had to say about Clinton and even their affiliation with the candidate. This concert was the first time Beyoncé openly said she’s with her and her husband’s first time support the candidate as well. Merica takes the article further by adding a comment from Donald Trump and comparing the two candidates campaigning strategies. This article was effective in informing the reader and was to the point. Merica included a video and photos from the event along with tweets from Doug Mills. The visual aids allow for readers to see the actual event boosting the credibility of the article.

(photo via Beyoncé )

FBI Says No Charges To Be Filed In New Review Related To Clinton Email Server


Hillary Clinton is known for her emails and with the recent allegation set against the presidential candidate, news sources went on a frenzy to find out what is happening with her emails. This article by Shannon Carlin was originally written October 30 but due to new information, Carlin revised the article. This article is a lengthy one for Refinery 29 who normally sticks to short and to the point stories. With this article Carlin gives the reader as much information as they are aware of concerning the situation making sure that their audience are well informed. The article is broken down into different sections to allow for easy searching of the answers to their audiences’ questions. This allows for the article to flow, the reader to pick and search for information, and not overwhelm the reader with a ton of text. Every source is linked and emphasized in the article with a green line underneath. Allowing for the source to stand out if the reader would like more clarification and information. Along with the addition of links, Carlin adds in a video of Clinton’s press conference on October 28.

Beyoncé Just Released Her “Daddy Lessons” Music Video on Tidal

Lauren Duca NOV 6, 2016 (source)

Lauren Duca writes a short article about Beyoncé’s performance on the CMAs which struck a note of controversy. Country music fans were outraged when Beyoncé was reported to perform at the music show representing and crossover in country music. Lauren mentions how the show was a political message and relates it to The Dixie Chicks being politicized ever since 2003.  The article was short and to the point along with a link directly to Beyoncé’s ‘Daddy Lessons’ music video. While the article does give all the facts and informs the reader of the CMA performance, the video, and the connection to politics, I think Duca could have expanded more on each topic. By mentioning the conflict between CMA and its viewers over the announcement of Beyoncé performing and what they feel is Beyoncé political message in performing in the show.


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