Using Social Media To Grow Your Brand

Social media is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people can’t stand it and some people, like myself, are constantly refreshing to see if something new happened. While social media can be very entertaining with its jokes and memes. Social media is such a powerful tool to use, especially when growing your own brand.

What is your brand?

Consider what your brand is. Is it yourself or some else like a publication, a clothing line or  maybe a service? It’s important to define what your brand is because this sets the foundation for how you will use social media to grow your brand. Think of things important to your brand. Do you have a set of morals, a standard of service or an image you want people to associate with your brand? Your social media account reflects what you want your audience or consumers to know about your brand.

Be Consistent

Each platform is different but in order to thrive on social media the number one thing is to be consistent no matter which platform you decide to use. Here are a list of the top social media platforms and the minimum amounts of times to post on them:

  • Instagram – Post at the least twice a week
    • Instagram is a visual platform that can really strengthen your brand. By posting quality photos/videos twice a week will allow for your to remain relevant to your followers as well as leaving them wanting more.
  • Facebook – Post at the least three times a week
    • Facebook is a great tool for linking to other accounts like Instagram and sharing your post from Instagram to Facebook. By posting three times a week you can guarantee you’ll be on someone’s feed.
  • Twitter – Post daily
    • Twitter is a very simple platform where consistency goes a very long way. In fact, with Twitter, I would recommend posting multiple times daily. The tweets don’t have to be complicated. It could be a joke or a little update to let your followers know what’s going on. The more you tweet the more people will start to see you.
  • Snapchat – two to three times a day
    • Snapchat is a very popular social media platform, however, I would only make Snapchat a priority if you are trying to grow your personal brand. Snapchat is a platform that allows for people to get a more personal relationship with being able to see the raw personality of someone.

Have fun with it

While being consistent avoid falling into a routine of the type of stuff you post. Social media does not have to be serious. Feel free to have fun and get creative, people love to laugh.  Social media is used for entertainment majority of the time people love seeing viral videos and things that just make them escape from the mundane routine of life. Try your best to have moments where you can do that for your followers but still remain true to your brand.


Instagram is my absolute favorite social media platform.  I personally am a visual person and I get so much inspiration just by scrolling down my feed. Instagram is extremely fun but can be considered one of the hardest platforms to grow on because people cannot share your post publicly like they can on Facebook and Twitter. To grow your Instagram account it takes networking and being featured on other accounts. While it is hard, it is not impossible. Here are some tips to help you grow on Instagram:

  1. Take quality photos
    • Instagram is a visual platform so creating quality content is very important. Quality photos do not mean you need to go out and buy a DSLR. iPhone’s have a great camera quality when used to its full potential. @iphonephotography on Instagram is an account where this photographer only uses an iPhone to capture the photos. The way he uses the iPhone really shows its capability.
  2. Go to apps
    • VSCO Cam was my number one app for editing photos before I started moving away from the use of filters. VSCO Cam is one of the only apps I know of where the filter does not completely destroy the quality of the photo. It’s great especially if you are looking to have a consistent theme.
    • UNUM is great for organizing your feed before posting a photo. A big thing that started in the blogging community on Instagram was the concept of creating a theme on your account. A theme is a way you edit your photos so that they all seamlessly flow together. However, not every photo is the same so they cannot be edited the same. UNUM is a great way to preview your feed before you post photos to see if everything flows the way you want.
    • Lightroom is an amazing photo editing tool because it preserves the quality of the photo while editing.

Well, there you have it! A few tips to help you grow your brand on social media. The last tip I want to leave you with is, don’t think too much of social media. I love it so much but it can become a black hole after awhile. Remember to have fun and don’t get overwhelmed.

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