Nasty Gal Reveals “Nasty Woman” Totes and T-Shirts

Week of Oct 23rd News Journal

Beyoncé Collaborator Diana Gordon Was Born in the Wrong Decade

by Christopher Barnard October 17, 2016 (source)

In this article, Christopher Barnard sits down with Diana Gordon, a songwriter from New York. What I liked about this article is that it is centered around someone who has written songs for artists like Beyoncé, Mary J. Bleige, and Jennifer Lopez. We know that artists often times have other songwriters work on lyrics but it’s rare to see them center stage. This article is centered around the influences and mindset of Diana Gordon. The interview was done at an event hosted by W’s Cultural Conversations Series, held in partnership with G-Star RAW, at Electric Lady Studios in New York. The interview questions themselves were quite standard ones I tend to hear every interviewer ask their subject but due to the fact she isn’t hugely known, they allowed the reader to get a first impression of Gordon. What really caught my attention with this article were the photos. The photos themselves looked like they were a stylized shoot yet they were primarily candid at the event. One question I would have wanted to be asked would have been one geared toward her becoming a songwriter and how she got there. Structure wise the article was effective uses the least amount of words possible, with photos and bolded questions to break up the article.

Nasty Gal Reveals “Nasty Woman” Totes and T-Shirts

Avery Matera OCT 21, 2016 (source)

Sophia Amoruso and her brand Nasty Gal have become the feminists’ favorite. After the release of her book, Girl Boss, Amoruso has “been a strong voice when it comes to feminism and female power.” After the debate on Wednesday when Trump called Clinton a “nasty woman”, women on social media went crazy. Taking Trump’s insult and uniting “to proudly take on the new title.” Nasty Gal decided to take the name and create merchandising with Hillary Clinton on the front and “Nasty Woman” on the back. In this article, Avery Matera writes about the brand’s new merch and the reasoning behind it. Structure wise the article is short and to the point. Along with sharing the new merch announcement, Matera included links to the original story on Donald Trump calling Hillary Clinton a nasty woman, a link to Nasty Gal and a link to another Teen Vogue article featuring Sophia Amoruso. What I notice with Teen Vogue is rather than linking to outside sources, they link back to articles previously written on their site to keep the reach growing on older articles.

These Are The Women Who Have Accused Donald Trump Of Sexual Assault

Andrea Gonzalez-Ramirez OCT 24, 2016 (source)

Refinery 29 is always looking to break any news relating to women’s empowerment, so when Donald Trump has anything to say in regards to women Refinery 29 is ready to break the story and keep it going for a few days. This article is a photo gallery that shares the different women accusing Trump of sexual assault. While it is a photo gallery, the women’s faces are not featured out a respect and concern for their safety. However, along with the generic photo and their name across it, there are a few paragraphs introducing the woman and her story with Trump. This article is quite long but provides readers with context and informs them. The reader is able to read about each woman rather than just seeing a name on a list. Allowing for there to be a connection and create empathy amongst the public with these women.


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