The Dynamic Duo of Lovely&Bored

The blogging community is constantly growing every day. Despite it being such an overpopulated space, many bloggers have worked themselves up to becoming a profitable brand. For example, Danielle Bernstein from WeWoreWhat or Marcia Josephs of Musings of Krav both women took their personal blogs and created them into credible brands recognized by major publications.

Looking to following in their footsteps are the creators of the blog Lovely&Bored (L&B).  Lovely&Bored is a lifestyle blog from the perspectives of Jhasmine and Grace, two students at the University of North Texas. With this blog they share their favorite music, express themselves in their personal style, share the places that have widened their perspective of the world around them and teach their readers the life lessons they’ve learned so far.

lovelyandbored-14The two friends feel like it is so easy to get stuck in the routine of life. A routine that becomes so mundane, you “forget that life has a lot more to offer you.” This idea is what motivated the two to create L&B. We all can get stuck in a rut and become stagnant in life but the best way to get out of that rut is to open your mind up.

Exploring the world around them is one of the main ways Jhasmine and Grace open their minds up as described by Jhasmine. “Exploring is something that is a huge part of how I expand my mind to think bigger and think outside of myself. Taking trips to the local markets, museums, parks, tattoo shops has expanded my mind to go out on a whim and trust myself. Every day we have the choice to get up and make the day what we want.lovelyandbored-12


The free-spirited young women seek the small adventures in life and look for a different perspective on the world around them. Rather than focusing on what’s trending they bring to light the small things we overlook.  The goal of Lovely&Bored  is tomotivate others to explore the world, and be happy with yourself.”

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Photography by Jaida Brinkley


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