A New ‘Wave’ Form in Digital Journalism

amirgoodenms-15The field of Multimedia Journalism is becoming more and more important as new digital innovations become popular. Millennials have found themselves in what can be considered a dream come true. The possibility of being your own boss is easier now than it has ever been before.  Taking advantage of this new opportunity is Amir Gooden, a Journalism student at the University of North Texas. While Gooden appears as the average college student, he is also the co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of a new student ran publication, WaveLength Weekly.

When you visit WaveLength Weekly (WL) , you can see that there are no limits on what writers cover. From articles on celebs to local events, WL focuses on a”wide array of things because these are things that matter to us [college students] as a whole and not just a certain niche.”

One of the things that separate millennials from the generation before them is their different perspective. Gooden says the reason for creating WL is because it, “fills a void that I [Amir] saw on UNT’s campus if you look at other local publications they give you more hard news and all cover the same topics. There’s no general place that has soft news. That’s where we come in.


Despite your age, start-ups are never easy. A majority of the time there are more lessons learned than success gained.”You have to learn how to roll with the punches and pick up things as you’re going.”The process of creating any business requires a lot of trial and error. A year ago WaveLength Weekly was something completely different. After their first year being launched and giving the thing a go, the staff sat down to reevaluate the publication.”We asked our staff what they enjoyed doing, what they didn’t like doing and picked it up from there for our second year.”

As college students, we dream of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow but never really think of reaching for it while we are in college. Sometimes, taking inspiration from Chance the Rapper, blessings can fall into your lap. Amir never expected for WaveLength to become a real thing or even more than that, to be leading it. “I’ve always seen myself as a jack of all trades on my own and I think as I was working people just came to respect it [his work ethic]. I kinda just fell into the role and it’s became something that I love.”

A big thing that young and ambitious individuals can all agree on is the struggle of juggling your passions and school work. Everyone has a different strategy of keeping it all together. Amir says that he “makes a super long list of short goals, it helps to put things into perspective. I can look back in two months and see that I’ve done these fourteen things rather than chasing a large goal.” 


IG: @wlweekly
Twitter: @WaveWeekly
Facebook: Wavelength Weekly




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