Solange Knowles and her new album

News Journal: Week 6 -10.3.16

1) ‘Killer Clowns’: Inside the Terrifying Hoax Sweeping America


By Suzanne Zuppellon Sep 29, 2016 for Rolling Stone

Suzannae Zuppellon writes about the clown phenomena that has been sparking the childhood fear in America. In this article Zuppellon gets the reader caught up to speed on what exactly this whole thing is. Before jumping into the facts, she starts the article off with a report made by a mother after hearing about the clowns from her son. This approach gets the reader engaged on what she will be talking about throughout the article. She then  uses several accounts of clown sightings from different news sources that are linked within the article. I liked the way Zuppello organized the article and made the information more interesting which helps to keep the reader engaged especially in a lengthy article. I also think it was good that she added the trailer of “It” towards the end of the article when she mentions it to add to the visual picture of the issue discussed in the article.

2) Marvel’s Luke Cage Is The Bulletproof Black Superhero We Need Right Now


by Joshua Ostroff  09/29/2016 4:30 pm EDT for The Huffington Post

Joshua Ostroff sits down with Mike Colter about his role in Marvel’s new Luke Cage series that stars a Black Superhero as the main character. Ostroff discusses the timeliness of this character given everything happening in America right now and how “Superhero diversity has become a huge priority for Marvel’s comic book division.”Ostroff not only includes the larger picture of Luke Cage but also gives the readers a deeper look into the history of Marvel comics. Ostroff’s structure of the article helps it to be an easy and engaging read despite its lengthiness  by breaking up the article with visual content. The visual content helps to give the reader a better understanding of what is going on. As a reader, Ostroff mentioned superheroes I had no prior knowledge of, by adding in photos I was able to make the connection.

3) Solange Knowles Says Her New Album Pays Tribute To Her Parents

Cady Lang  Sept 30, 2016 for TIME

Cady Lang gives readers a refresher on an interview that was done on Solange’s website, Saint Heron. In this interview, Solange and her mother sit down discussion the youngest Knowles latest project. Cady Lang gets readers up to speed in a quick fact that she elaborates slightly on. In fact, the whole article is just making a connection back to a quote taken from Solange’s website. While the fact that the album is a tribute to her parents may be new knowledge for some and lead them to her site, the reader does not leave with anything except for a fun fact. A fact that could serve as an Instagram picture caption but not necessarily an entire article. Lang mentions that this new album “might be the most personal project she’s put out yet.” By adding that statement in there to help lengthen the article a bit more and really inform the reader, Lang could have gone on to talk about the artist’s past albums.

( Photo courtesy of Saint Heron )


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