Chapter 7 Assignment

Blog Review

My blog, Movers&Shakers, is a blog geared towards young ambition. When looking for blogs to review, I looked for ones with a similar focus. In my research, I came across Her Agenda,Under 30 Ceo,Young Upstarts, and Miss Millennia Mag . All of these sites focus on the Millennial and providing advice significant to their career goals .

Her Agenda

Her Agenda uses a personal writing style by sharing personal stories and using the first person. The articles give the reader the feeling that they are friends with the writer. This style is a strength when considering their audience is Millennial young women in their early twenties. Her Agenda digs deep into the mind of the “modern woman”, the woman who is constantly working towards a larger goal. The blog discloses the tips and tricks of professional women to relieve stress, fight for your goal, and balancing it all. All things today’s “modern women” are challenged with. The site seldom uses links within articles unless it is a write-up or interview, the most common link will be one that redirects the reader to another article from Her Agenda. Overall the site is very useful. The template is easy to navigate and attractive to the reader. The articles cover things that as  young ambitious women we deal with or answers the questions we ask ourselves everyday. The sites one weakness is the lack of social media integration. The site has a bar on the side of articles for sharing , however, there are no links to their personal social media accounts. In order to find them the reader has to search themselves.

Under 30 CEO

Under 30 CEO is a site geared towards individuals under the age of 30 looking to become entrepreneurs. The site has a blog portion where contributors give tips, personal stories, and guides to become successful. The writers have their own unique writing styles that go  from professional to personal depending on the topic. To add to the blog the site also does occasional podcast. This is a strength in blogs today especially with a younger audience. The age range of 20 to 30 tend to be multitaskers. Having a podcast allows for the site to keep readers and the readers are able to receive information without having to stop in order to read a site post. Under 30 CEO discloses a lot of the deeper things that young aspiring entrepreneurs don’t normally think of. As far as transparency as a writer they allow the reader in, to a certain extent. They’ll share stories of how they have accomplished different goals and made it to where they are now but they do not go as deep down to the emotional aspect of working hard to succeed.

Young Upstarts

Young Upstarts takes the more professional approach to providing it’s readers with information. They stray away from getting to personal and sticking to just the facts of becoming a successful business starter.  Due to the fact that the site is more professional out of the four sites mentioned here on this post, Young Upstarts has the most interviews and content involving individuals that have truly thrived in business. Young Upstarts  puts its credibility on the forefront with its number of colorful accolades on the side of it’s home page. After searching through the page a weakness the site has is the fact there is no social media integration. Given they are a more professional site, social media may not be essential to them. However by not including social media on their page they are missing out on a big audience of individuals who want information fast and quick.

Miss Millennia Magazine

Miss Millennia Magazine is a site dedicated to women in their twenties. The author gives tips and tricks for being successful and surviving your twenties. The writing style is very personal, like mentioned before a style very popular with sites that have a millennial audience. The site uses short and quick articles with tons of pictures. This is a strength because their audience are looking for fast information . Typically they do not want to or have the patience to sit and read long articles. The photos break up the article and add color to a page that otherwise would just be black and white. Visuals are very effective with this site. Before clicking into an article the site has a modern, colorful, and attention grabbing layout. Due to the site being geared toward millennial women, there are a few articles that disclose personal feelings and stories. This allows for the reader to have someone to connect to. Miss Millennia Magazine uses links throughout their entire articles linking to stores, different articles, and different videos. Also another strength in using links is that that the site uses links to other articles within different articles so that if the reader is liking the current article their reading, they can head to another one that is similar to it.


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