Collaborative Expressions

Invade is a group of millennials that devote everything they do with “the hope and intent to connect people witjaidabrinkleyinvade2h their Creator, which will, in turn, reveal their identity and purpose.” In order to help others make this connect they use two different types of events, community outreach, and large gatherings.  Their latest and most anticipated engagement was their Collaborative Expression Networking Mixer, held at the African American Museum of Dallas.


jaidabrinkleyinvade6All of the Movers and Shakers of the DFW area were in attendance with business cards in tow. This event was one of the first in the DFW area to connect young entrepreneurs in a fun and lively manner. The event didn’t just offer network but also the variety of different performers like Indya Ewing and a DJ that provided a great mood for the entire event.

Performances, networking, and music; what more could you add to make this event even better? Well, how about having author and entrepreneur, Nate Cottman  gave an inspirational message on finding your purpose and passion. While the purpose of this event was to network the ladies of Invade succeed far past that with attendees leaving motivation, passion-driven, and ready to take the World by storm.


Chapter 7 Live Blog Assignment / (Photos Courtesy of Jaida Brinkley)


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