Tracy Reese embraces inclusive sizes and DVF’s non-show show

 News Journal: Week 3 – 09.12.16

1. Tracy Reese embraces inclusive sizes and DVF’s non-show show

This article is from Associated Press News written by Jocelyn Noveck, Leanne Italie, and Nicole Evatt covering the highlights from New York Fashion Week. The writers successfully told the story of each line presented this past week in New York while keeping the highlight short and sweet.  From Tracy Reese using “real women” in her show to Shane Oliver using fashion to motivate the youth, the common theme of this article appeared to be, groundbreaking. Overall the article was a nice read. The one thing that stood out to me, that I would have done differently is the highlight about Hood by Air and Shane Oliver. As I read this portion of the article I was still left with questions. For example, why did he choose “Never trust a church girl.” to be written on the back of one of the garments? After the first sentence, the highlight began to get more confusing. There was a lot of fashion terms and celebrity name dropping but not enough description, leaving the reader confused. I would have expanded more on his inspiration for this line and the design details.

2.19-Year-Old Acid Burn Victim to Walk Runway at New York Fashion Week

This article covers Reshma Quereshi, an Indian girl who survived an acid attack. Julia Jacobo writes the article with a great balance between the victim’s story, her involvement with New York Fashion Week and the message of Quereshi. ABC News has a very diverse audience and this article was written perfectly to appeal to every person in that audience. Jacobo left no questions unanswered and if there were any interests to learn more about Quereshi, she included links to videos and articles. When subjects like Quershi that have such a powerful story it can be hard to limit yourself as a writer to only a few words. That is why I think it is a bonus when writing digital media to be able to add links and videos. The writer can say a lot in the least amount of words. To me, this article was powerful, effective, and very well written.

3.Real-Time Election Day Projections May Upend News Tradition

This article is written by  Nick Corasainti for the New York Times covering the company, VoteCastr, plan to update real-time projections of presidential and Senate races for different states. Corasainti provides the reader with background knowledge of both the company and the idea of real-time projections. Corasainti also includes quotes and arguments from those for the real-time projections and those who are against it. By providing two sides of the argument, the plans of VoteCastr, and how real-time projections are possible; Corasainti creates a credible article and leaves his audience well informed.

Photo courtesy of AP Photo/Andres Kudacki


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